DiceL Card : Fantasy card game designed by Yabusaka Loon


!! Make sure to make a backup of each cards before REZ !!

Rules in Japanese - Link


Your deck consists of 10 cards.

All the cards have its cost which is indicated at the bottom.

You can use the cards only if your dice number matches to the costs.

Cost X means you can use the card no matter what your dice number is.

Background color indicates the element of the card.

Red - (R) - Fire

Blue - (B) - Water

Yellow - (Y) - Earth

Green - (G) - Life

Grey - (N) - No color (common magic)

You can include only 2 colors from (R), (B), (Y) and (G) in your deck.

(N) card can be included in any deck.

There are 3 types of cards, 1) creature, 2) enchant and 3) spell.

Creature card

creature card

Creature card always has its power (Pow) and defence (Def).

(Your creature's Pow) - (opponent's creature's Def) will be the damage dealt to your opponent.

Enchant card

enchant card

Enchant card enhance your creature's ability.

Enchant causes no effect if there is no target creature, however, you can still play the card for future use.

Spell card

spell card

Spell card has various effect such as dealing damage to your opponent, change your dice number etc.

Many of the spell is effective only once at the time you play the card, but some card stay in play and works every turn. Such spell is called "permanent spell"

Game Play

DiceL Card can be played with DiceL Card Game Machine.

machine 1

1, Sit on one of the seat.

2, Wait other player to sit, or touch "Solitaire" button.

If you choose to play Solitaire game, you need to control both players by yourself.

machine 2

3, Place your cards on scanner and touch the scanner to read your card.

or you can touch "Random Cards" button to pick the card randomly.

(2 color limit will be ignored if you use the Random Cards button)

4, When both player finished picking 10 cards, the game starts.

5, First, each player touch "Roll" button. The player get higher dice number goes first.

6, First player roll the dice again. If there is any card you can play, touch the card.  If there is no card you can play, or, if you don't want to use the number this time, touch "Keep" button to keep your number for later use. If you want to use kept number instead of roll the dice, make sure to touch the number in your keep before you roll the dice.

When you play creature card, the first creature will be always placed at C1 position. If C1 position is already occupied with other creature, then the card will be placed at C2. If 3 creatures are already placed and you play another creature card, the creature at C1 will be returned to your deck and the card just played will be placed at C3.

Similary, the enchant card will be placed at E1~E3, and spell card at S1 ~ S5.

7, When you finish select the card, or decided to keep the number, your attack phase will start. The Pow value of your creature at C1 is compared to the Def value of opponent's creature at C1 and (Pow - Def) will be the damage dealt to your opponent. Same will be done for C2 and C3.

8, Your turn will be end. If there is any card cause some effect at the end of the turn, that will be processed at this timing. 

9, The other player's turn starts....

Repeat these steps until one of the player's life become 0.

Life point won't exceed 30.

When the game finishes, next game will be started automatically. If you would like to change your deck or stop playing, stand up from the seat. 

Save a deck

To save the deck, REZ 10 cards of your choice on the ground.


And then select all 10 cards at once and right click on it, then select "take" or "take copy".


Done! Now you can REZ your 10 cards at once.